Frequently Asked Questions

What is SELENE?
SELENE is a uniquely formulated slimming supplement that helps you get your dream body in no time!

How many sachets are there in 1 tin?
There are 15 sachets for 15 days of consumption. Only 1 sachet is needed per day.

Will this make me go back & forth to the toilet (diarrhoea)?
No! SELENE is a Fat Burner made from 100% natural ingredients and it is NOT a detox. Thus, nope!

How does it work?
– SELENE focuses mainly on thighs, arms & tummy.
– Eliminates toxins through sweat & urine.
– Helps your body weight to maintain even after you’ve reached your weight goal by increasing your metabolism rate.
– Aids you to eat a healthy amount of food by curbing your uncontrollable crazy appetite
– You can see & feel the difference after your first week of consumption! It literally won’t only make you LOOK good but also FEEL good!

How do I consume SELENE?
1. Just take one sachet after your first heavy meal of the day
2. Dilute into 150 ml of cold or room temperature water
3. Consume SELENE diligently everyday for the very best result

Can men consume SELENE?
OF COURSE! We have quite a number of loyal male customers!

Can I dilute into hot or warm water?
NOPE! It will ruin the benefits of SELENE.

How long does it take for me to feel the difference?
It depends on your type of body. But on average, just after your 2nd sachet!*

Can I consume after a light meal?
It is highly advised to consume SELENE after your first heavy meal during daytime.

Can I consume during menses?
YES you may! But we highly advised you to skip SELENE in the first 3 days of your menses, as you will need all the naturally occurring nutrients in your body on your first few days of menses. 

Can breastfeeding mommies consume SELENE?
YES! We have tons of positive feedbacks pertaining to this. But do know to always consult your doctor beforehand!

Who is not advised to consume SELENE?
Those who are pregnant,are currently in confinement, going through medical procedures and those who are currently suffering from chronic illnesses.

What is the minimum age to consume SELENE?
16 years old & above.

Can I consume both SELENE& other similar slimming product altogether?
Please ONLY choose either one to consume, not altogether.

Can I consume SELENE if I am on medication?
It all depends in what sort of medication you are taking. Do email us personally to make sure its okay for you to consume SELENE while on medication. But best seek your advice from your doctor beforehand.

Will it work if I am overweight?
DEFINITELY! We have tons of testimonies on this &SELENE has helped many of those who are over 100 KGS!

How many grams are in one sachet of SELENE?
10 gm per sachet.

How long does one tin of SELENE last?
15 days as you are consuming only 1 sachet per day.

Will this supplement give me any negative feedback?
NOPE! It is made from 100% natural ingredients only. If you are suffering from any chronic illnesses, do seek for your doctors’ advice.

Does your product contain any animal components or by-products?
SELENE does NOT contain any animal components and/or by-products hence it is suitable for those who are vegetarians.

How much is delivery charge?
It starts with RM10.00 for 1 tin & adds RM5.00 for every subsequent tin.

Where are you based?
We are based in Bangi Sentral, Bandar Baru Bangi. 

May I do a self-pickup at your HQ?
YES! We don’t accept cash though. So please do place your order &make your payment on our official website in advance.

Here’s the link to our official website: 

Are you looking for resellers (agents)?
We always welcome resellers! Do email us to for queries regarding this.

Do you have any discounts?
Well, you have to follow our social media accounts to know 😉 do follow @deaaprilofficialhq on Instagram and our Facebook page: to be the first one to find out our latest offers!

How do I know if my order has been confirmed?
After every successful order, you will receive an order confirmation email, which confirms your order number, item purchased & delivery address.

Do be patient if your confirmation isn’t delivered to your inbox straight away as it may take awhile. Please ensure that you are using the correct email address you used to purchase your item with and don’t forget to check your spam/junk mail.

Is SELENE available to purchase at any local store?
NOPE! You can either purchase SELENE from our official website or check our official stockist/agents if you are in a hurry!

Here’s the link to our official agents/stockist –

SELENE is made up of only 6 INGREDIENTS (not to forget 100% natural!), which are Passion fruit powder, Roselle powder, Guarana extract, grapefruit extract, citric acid & fructose.

Do you ship everywhere?
KINDA! We only do international deliveries to the following countries as of now:

How long will it take to receive my order?
Locally:  estimated 1-3 business days
Internationally: depends to which country we are delivering to!
Usually just 2 weeks.

You will receive a dispatch email when your order is on its way to you.
If you’re having difficulties not receiving your parcel in the designated timeframe, please contact us at & we will get back to you PRONTO!

We do not offer refunds neither exchanges. However, if you are having issues & would like to give any sort of feedbacks or concerns – do not hesitate to contact us at we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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