How it all started…

Like many other stories, my story began at home while eating. It was late – yes, I was eating late at night like many other nights. Late night binging was (and sometimes still is) my forte. But like many of us do, I often felt guilty the next day. Not only that, I would feel sluggish and wake up feeling very hungry the next morning. I have little control of my appetite. If I feel hungry late at night, I HAVE to eat – or else I won’t even be able to fall sleep.

With an uncontrollable appetite and late night eats, I gained weight and gained them fast. I couldn’t fit any of my clothes anymore. The next thing I know I was at a mall buying new clothes (#proudshopaholic). I guess you could say as my money slowly went down the drain, so did my confidence.

I personally felt the struggles that many of those around me have whom not only did not have time on their hands but were also unable to control their appetite and their weight as well. It’s a personal battle for many of us.

That was when the idea of SELENE began.

It all started with just an idea. After so much time, consideration and research spent to create an effective and perfectly safe formula (which also TASTES AMAZING!), SELENE was born.

SELENE is a mixture of 4 key ingredients that are 100% natural; Passionfruit powder, Guarana extract, Roselle powder and Grapefruit extract. It is specially formulated as a fatburner (not a detox!).

“The woman who does no require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet” – MohadesaNajumi

As a person who consumes SELENE, not only did I achieve AND maintain my ideal weight – I gained my confidence back. My goal was not only tocreate a safe and effective product, but also for all of us to gain the confidence we need to be ourselves in the best natural way.

This is why I wanted to share the effectiveness of  SELENE with the world and empower those who want to look good and confident about themselves.

We have received an outstanding amount of positive testimonies from our consumers and personally observe their transition. There is no greater feeling than seeing our consumers satisfied with SELENE and finally achieving the confidence and happiness they finally deserve.

We are eternally grateful for your continuous support. Do send us your feedbacks, comments or questions because we love to hear from everyone.





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